Painted Medical Illustrations

Most paintings produced in Photoshop and Painter since 1988

While these media are available,
the preferred method is Hand-made Paintings.
Then these are scanned into the
computer for manipulation.
GOTO Hand Made paintings.

GOTO Computer Animation Images

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Breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty).  One of a series of steps for print.  This image was produced for the Annals of Aesthetic Surgery, who asked Mr. Luce to produce works for each of their bi-monthly journals.

    Chest Pain, a series of 6 patients with their symptoms Craig Luce Medical Illustration

Vessel Injury to the Kidney: the kidney is ghosted to emphasize the injury.

© 2002 Urologic Multimedia

Vitrectomy in an injured eye.  This is a detail, click on the image to see the whole.

Classic Halftone illustrations on the computer.  This is a detail--- Click on the image for the whole.

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