Commissioning New Medical Illustrations

So, you have a project in mind that requires medical illustrations..... We are constantly starting new projects here, so let's talk about it at an early stage.  Medical Illustrations are quoted on a project basis, after receipt of materials and concept.  After we've discussed the elements, you will receive a Project Proposal and Quotation Invoice (gratis).

Media are directed toward classical ink, halftone, and color works now, though computer manipulation is often appropriate.  See why here.

If you are a physician-author, email or fax me.
Yes, individual surgeons and residents call all the time, especially in my specialities of Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery.

Send your manuscript or ideas.  Often, the art is done before the writing, though we would work best together if you have a manuscript in hand.  Yes, your stick drawings are appreciated!

If you are an Editor, Art Director, Publisher, Producer, or the like, you will receive hard-copy samples on request.  The images seen here are representative only, and all medical specialties and patient ed are addressed.

The first step is a discussion, so click here to EMAIL now.  Please include your phone numbers and fax.

Or you may find the Contact addresses and numbers and FedEx it here.

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