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Hand Painted Medical Illustrations

Craig Luce

Hand-Painted Illustrations in Watercolor/Airbrush/Gouache
(as well as modified and compiled on the computer)

However, I have also been doing illustrations in oils in 2000-03

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See the computer paintings as well....

This is an oil painting of an eye at high magnification, under a slitlamp biomiocroscope.  The lens capsule has been sticking to the back of the iris as it opens and constricts, thus causing the ring-like fault in the pupil center.   A slit beam of light is projected into the eye so as to understand the 3-dimensional relationships of structures otherwise transparent.

Orbital Dissection

This painting is (one from a series) of a lateral dissection of the orbit.   This appeared in Surgical Anatomy of the Orbit,  (Soon to be out in a new Edition from LWW) and won an AMI Award of Excellence.

Latertal dissection of the Orbit

This self portrait in watercolor is a student assignment when Mr. Luce was in graduate school at age 22. It was awarded the first national medical illustration student prize in color, The Orville Parks Award, in 1975, the year of its inception.

Work with Dr. Frank Netter
Shown is Mr. Luce (left) with Dr. Frank H. Netter in his Palm Beach studio at The Breakers in 1989. Those readers from the medical field will recognize Dr.Netter as "the illustrator of the big green books" from Ciba/GEIGY Pharmaceuticals, for whom he worked for over 50 years. He had called Craig to help him paint The Musculoskeletal System, Volume 8, PartIII: Injuries,as his employee.  "I would gladly just have washed his brushes for free!" said Mr. Luce. They worked together from 1989-91. Dr. Netter was 83 at the time and as sharp as a tack, out-working his young(er) friend. Since his death at age 85, the books have languished, the rights sold to Novartis Group.

Soon a webpage of his life will appear here.  A true modern genius!  Click image for portrait.

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