Hand Crafted Illustrations
in Halftones

This illustration technique was developed as an update of the carbon dust technique of Max Broedel.  ABDust was first taught in a presentation to a 1988 Student Jamboree of Johns Hopkins and MCG students at Medical College of Georgia.  It was also presented that year in the AMI Newletter.  Several illustrators adopted it.

However, this is harkening to the classic that is no longer taught.

This is my preferred halftone medium, though there is also a sample of computer halftone in Computer Paintings.  Sometimes that works, though I still (once again) prefer the handwork.  Many clients are finding that this is the only way to get "the look"
they grew up with in medical school and residency.
 See why "I went back" HERE.
Dr. Netter insisted on it!

CLICK ON image to see enlargement
The exposure of the orbit from above

This is the resection of an optic nerve tumor.

The SupraOrbital Approach of Dr. John A. Jane, MD, PhD 

The Prosigmoid Approach seen on the home page.

I use this for other things-- for PRINT, thencolorize if
clients want to use them on the web or such.

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