Craig Luce
Fine Drawings
Graphite, Carbon Dust, Silverpoint


All images © 1974-2011 CAL.  All Drawings by CA.Luce

There is no image quite so direct as a drawing.  The hand of the artist is evident, wherever the image came from.  I have often thought of this act as a sort of fencing, carving lines and marks into the page.  With a sword or burin as much as a pen.  For this reason, there is dimension to the surface of my drawings: they are actually inscribed.  All the decisions are seen, erasures disallowed.

I am particularly enamored of graphite for portraits in this very direct in-your-face manner.  These are done knee-to-knee over 2-3 hrs and then touched in the studio.... It is imperative to show (or "Catch," the story goes below) the elements and affect that is projected FROM the sitter--- very much a drawing-that-God-does-himself-through-me kind of thing.

All my portraits are that way, in any medium-- it is surprising to me that the stereotypical comment is actually true-- that the artist only "catches" what the sitter projects. Often, the sitter is just as tired as I am!  However, you will agree the results are interesting.  I'll post some done in oil as well.  At one time, I had used photographs as references for portraits and found the results to be stiff and unsatisfyingly-distant-- so all portraits are now done in sittings---
--- sometimes brief, but nonetheless Present.

No photograph sees what is in these portraits.
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One early graphite portrait of Nancy, an enlargement is HERE.

This is a one-time school friend, John: artist and bon vivant, done during his salad days in Oregon.
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  This is a self-portrait from long ago, contemplating a transition. ENLARGE

An early ink drawing from 1973

  Here is a graphite portrait of a friend, Jason, sometime lady-killer and writer-- oh, and now software exec, Best Man at my 2nd wedding.Enlarge

A figure from 1984 done while living in SOHO NYC


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