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Hello, Friends:

Here is a running summary for the Formal Portrait that we are discussing.

My Portrait Protocol is to first meet with you, preferably in your home, and perhaps see where you will place the finished painting. I want to get to know a little about your sitter, what you envision, and discuss the particulars with you. Some photography will be taken at this stage, usually in stereo. The size of the painting is determined, and a quick graphite study will be built of your loved one, incorporating a proposed setting. We will discuss this and have any revisions settled before the oil is commenced. This helps us both understand what the finished product might look like, and is usually completed right there.

Once we're acquainted, including any unique feature or activity that is to be emphasized, a sitting is begun. For young children, an optimal resource is a videotape to be viewed, to settle short concentration spans. I then take the painting away to further it to completion in the studio. Adult subjects needn't fear: there are rest periods and you may bring a friend for conversation!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

It may be necessary for you to supply us the clothing you select so that they may be painted in detail in the studio, and a separate under-color study may be done.

A second sitting is scheduled after the work has attained 95% completion. This is to fine-tune the features and the setting. This may also serve as the delivery time. The entire timeframe is under three weeks or as agreed. The painting is delivered in a 'working' frame, so you will want to secure framing separately, based on your own tastes and decor.

You will love the feeling that this portrait gives all that see it, and it will ring with your family for generations!

I look forward to working with you to make this portrait a classic!


Craig A. Luce

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