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Appendix A: Impressions

As an alternative to Formal Portraits, this option allows a rapid, vibrant result, and may often precede another work. This can be applied to a portrait, a garden or home setting, or a landscape called en pleinair.

Shown: Summertime16x20 1997

In an alla prima ("all at once") technique similar to a Post-Impressionist style, the painting is approached with vigor and strong color. Although a few minutes of introduction are required to glimpse your loved one's nature, painting begins immediately after establishing a composition. The work comes into focus over a period of hours, though the sitter can leave some of that time. This is an immediate work on canvas and is finished before we part and delivered wet!  For children, a useful tool is a video to view.

Fees: 16x20 is $675. 18x24 is $775, takes most of an afternoon, simply framed. Although it is ready for the wall, you should expect to frame it according to your tastes and decor.

Highly colorful, these portraits brighten any room. The essence of the sitter comes through in a lively manner--- you will love the impact on your family and guests!

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