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Appendix C: Fine Art Commissions

C.1.  Custom Floral Paintings on Wood
C2.  Custom Commissions on Canvas below

Shown: Lily Lily Wand 79 x 14", oil on wood, click image for enlargement!
A Memorial Gift to St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Hamilton Georgia

Floral and still life: On Birch panels 80" x 36". These paintings are unique to my studio and activate the space of a large wall. The verticals are designed to be hung high: 5 feet, eye-level and UP!  This commands a tall ceiling space -- these have been placed in stairways and the popular two-story entry foyers. This way, they look great when viewed from the second floor as well.  Place this type of painting over a tall mantel or as pairs beside a fireplace.

Have you a favorite flower?  I'll need to control the composition, though suggestions from your favorites are welcomed.  The wood is sealed from the environment, left visually-exposed in many areas, allowing a natural warmth to pervade your rooms:  $1975.  These are presented with edges dressed in black (as if framed), ready to hang, weighs under 15 lbs.  Framing is unecessary!

Horizontally, this size fits a large sofa or king bed, though these are usually done in multiple panels: three SEVEN FOOT panels is $3450.  (Any home can use more wood!)  These shine in a personal space as well as in a corporate boardroom opposite the Founder's portrait!  Also very contemporary in a loft!

Let's make a New Look!  Email me now!
Craig Luce

C.2.  Commissions On Canvas

Reveal Your Dream Vision.
Shown: Sleeping 30x40" oil on canvas Click on image for enlargement!
This is a custom fine art piece of superior quality
and will increase in your
enjoyment for the next 50 years!
Subject, approach, and palette are
custom-fitted to your environment and ideas.
Think of it as a blank canvas containing YOUR vision!

It is, first of all, a fine painting--
balanced and composed to
warm a mantel or room --
in even the most formal atmosphere.
Simply framed (framing should be acquired
according to your tastes and decor.)

16x20" is 2375., 18x24"is 2650.
24x36"is 3475., 30x40" is 3975., 36x48"is $4450.

Full-color coverage, still-life or mixed landscape ---
larger sizes available on quotation to 50" x 120"


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