Curriculum Vitae

Craig A. Luce

Master of Science in Medical Illustration, Certified Medical Illustrator, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Address: POB 116, 290 Ansley Farm Rd.

Hamilton GA 31811


mobile: 770.314.7745


Skill-Set--- Summarized as Resume

Interpretive Liaison between medical and lay professionals
speaks the language of physicians, nurses, researchers, attorneys, media, patients, public

Visual Journalist for Instructional Design
instructional image needs-assessment and planning/production to objectives

Medical and Technical Illustrator
award-winning art specific to audiences in all media, worked with Frank Netter, MD

Digital Designer
20 years? experience for print and motion-media 2D, 3D

Fine-Art Professional
traditional artist accomplished in painting, drawing, and sculpture

Visual Educator
visual literacy, informed consent, patient education, student presentations

Creative Project Management and Art Director
from napkin-sketch concept to visual plan to production to delivery; supervisory experience

Technical Writer
from professional and medical to lay public audiences

Media Producer
surgical video, 3D animation and web-delivery experience

Photographer and Videographer
digital and film for patient, surgical, ophthalmic, diagnostic, stereoscopic, general, PR, video

Mechanical /Surgical Instrument Designer
US patent awarded, milling/fabrication, rapid prototyping

3D Model-maker
anatomical model mastering for production, casting and low-run originals, anaplasty

Professional Medical Experience

Freelance medical illustrator with international scholarly clients in publishing and education. Focus on 2D illustration for print, media, presentations, 3D modeling for animation, simulation, and stereography for digital media and web.


1997-1999  MediVisuals, Inc., Richmond VA:

Senior Medical Illustrator. This medical-legal exhibit company had offices in Richmond-Dallas-Atlanta. While I learned new skills and introduced now-industry-standard products, it was a pleasure to work with a group. During my two years, I was the top-producer in the Richmond office, performed all 3D work, edited and enhanced other illustrators? efforts, instigated a searchable archive-indexing system, life-size digital exhibits, 3D animation, and journal publication to the Richmond office.


1988-1997 Luce Studios, Inc., Charlottesville VA:

President and Medical Illustrator.

Services rendered: Consultation on visual approach and medical content for any audience using any visual medium. All traditional 2D media for print and digital media for motion; art direction for instruction; anatomic dissection; photography, storyboarding, holographic modeling, high-end 3D computer animation, digital image manipulation, author's editing.

1989-1991 Frank H. Netter, MD: Palm Beach FL
Produced 75 images in watercolor for the ?Dean of American Medical Illustration? of Ciba fame: my work stands beside his in the famous ?big green books.?

1983-1988 Visuals for Medicine, Charlottesville: Owner and Medical Illustrator.
Supervise 3.5 full-time employees, 2 medical illustrators; Satellite Studio: New York University Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery:
My freelance studio actively consulted with UVA and NYU, with bi-weekly travel to Manhattan. Illustrated the primary reference for plastic surgery, and another three books.

1979- 1983 University of Virginia Department of Ophthalmology
Medical Illustrator and Ophthalmic Photographer. Surgical illustration for print and projection; general, biomicroscopic, and diagnostic photography; graphic design.


1977-1979 The Eye Foundation Hospital
University of Alabama Med Center, Birmingham, Alabama
Medical Illustrator and Ophthalmic Photographer; one sole and three primary books.


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See also Continuing Education


Master of Science: Medical College of Georgia:
Master of Science in Medical Illustration


Bachelor of Fine Arts: University of Georgia:
Drawing and Painting Major, Zoology Minor

Georgia Institute of Technology: Chemistry Major


Continuing Education

Worked with Dr. Frank H. Netter

Association of Medical Illustrators; annual and regional meetings

American Medical Writers Association; annual meetings

Cardiology CT 3D-Imaging Workshop, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine CE

Softimage Professional Training; Softimage, Inc.

Wayne Thiebaud, Artist, LA: artist workshop

John Hardy, Artist, NYC; artist workshop; Figure Drawing, GA Tech Architecture

American Academy of Ophthalmology; Vitrectomy workshop

American Academy of Ophthalmology; Anatomy of the Eye

Disney Studios, Florida; animation workshop

Alias/Wavefront Animation Course; Waynesboro Technical Institute, Virginia

Suture Closure, Ethicon; medical workshop

Rolling Thunder, Cherokee Nation: artist workshop

USSC Surgeon Training; laparoscopic surgery workshop

Elaine DeKooning, NYC; artist workshop

NYIT, Manhattan; 3D animation workshop

American Association of Neurological Surgeons: annual meetings

American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons: annual specialty meeting

Virginia Trial Lawyers Association; ?Demonstrative Evidence? workshop

American Academy of Ophthalmology: annual meetings



Vesalius Trust, Friend of the Trust

Association of Medical Illustrators, Professional Member, inactive

American Medical Writers' Association, Professional Member, former

Ophthalmic Photographers Society, Professional Member, former

Southeastern Graphic Council, Artist Member, former

Ophthalmic Photographers Society, Professional Member, former


Medical Professional Awards

Certified Medical Illustrator, Association of Medical Illustrators

People's Choice, Macromedia World, Best Educational CD-ROM of 1400 entries, tied

Award of Excellence, Medical-Legal Exhibits, Association of Medical Illustrators

Best-Illustrated Clinical Text, Association of Medical Illustrators

Brödel Memorial Lecture, Association of Medical Illustrators

Award of Excellence in Medical Books, Association of Medical Illustrators

Best Color Medical Illustration, Association of Medical Illustrators

Color Medical Illustration, Association of Medical Illustrators

Orville Parkes Award, AMI national award for best illustration by a student

Talmadge Regional Juried Painting Competition

National College Art Association

Selected Works

for Print

Books: Sole Medical Illustrator:

Cranial Base Surgery (in press), The Emory Atlas of Orbital Surgery (in preparation)

The Zones Approach to Anatomy Around the Orbit, Lippincott/WW

Anatomy of the Spine, O2 Communications

Craniofacial Surgery, Lippincott/Williams and Wilkins

Bleparoplasty, LWW/Raven Press , Cosmetic Blepharoplasty, Little-Brown

Surgical Treatment of Craniosynostosis, Williams and Wilkins

CD-9-ICM Illustrated Coding Manual (the first ever illustrated), St Anthony?s

The History of Powered Surgical Instruments, US Surgical Corporation

Wound Closure Manual, Ethicon, Inc.

USSC Stapling Manual, US Surgical Corporation

Liver Surgery, Thieme Medical Publishers

Surgical Anatomy of the Orbit, Raven Press

Oculoplastic Surgery, Aesculapius Press

Periodicals and smaller editions:

Anatomy of the Anterior Eye, Journal of Biocommunications

Modern Surgical Therapies Series, Squibb Pharmaceuticals

Breast Self Examination, Women?s Health Advocacy Network

Women?s Cancer Manual, WCAN

Client-authored peer-reviewed papers: myriad, primarily in subspecialty literatures

Significant Illustrations in:

Musculoskeletal System: Part 8, Vol. III, Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations

A Singular View (Editor and Illustrator), Artificial Eye Clinic of Washington

Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology, Prentice Hall

Syndromes in Craniostenosis, Raven Press

Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery, (6700 pp. in 8 vol), W. B. Saunders

Congenital Syndromes, Churchill

Media and Animation

Sole Medical Illustrator: 3D and 2D

Cases in Cardiology, CD-ROM, Carden Jennings Publishing, Astra-Merck, Inc.
Spinal Cord Regeneration, ESI Productions, Inc.

Laparoscopic Port Placement, ESI Productions, Inc.
Anatomical Landmarks of the Skull, 3D anim UVA Department of Cellular Anatomy
Placental Circulation, Henninger Media, Inc.

Adenylate Cyclase Toxin [the first 3D updatable digital model supplied to NIH grantors]
SupraOrbital Approach, 3D animation, UVA Neurological Surgery
Internal Carotid Artery: Triangle Anatomy Dr. Victor Dolenc, Geneva and Ljubljana
Break Intro: UVA Medical Center

Participation, animated presentation,Women?s Cancer Advocacy Network

3D Modeling and Texture-mapping

Subcellular Effects of Smoking, Advanced Imaging, Inc.,Wallingford CT

Skull model, heart model, liver model, figure map ViewPoint Datalabs, Inc., UT

Skull growth from ossification centers, 3D Metaballs, UVA Development

Cockpit Art – F-80, AirWarriorII, Kesmai Corporation

Sculptural Works

Anatomy of the Pelvis, plaster, Sculpti-Pr, lucite, MVI, Inc.

Facial fractures, patient-specific, MVI, Inc.

Hemifacial Microsomia, overlife size teaching model, foam and lucite, NYUH

Anatomy of the Knee, MCG

Exhibit Design and Fabrication

Dozens of medical-legal exhibits for defense and MD experts

Vitrectomy for Intraocular Trauma, UVA

Oculofacial Prosthetics, exhibit in a briefcase, Cox and Associates

Christopher Reeves: Injuries and Progress, UVA Neurosurgery

Conjoined Twin Anatomy; UVA Media Relations

Author, Technical Writing, Editing

Oculofacial Prosthetics, American Journal of Ophthalmology

Anterior Anatomy of the Eye, parts I-II, Journal of Biocommunications

A Singular View, Editor (major re-write), illustrator

Myriad published author?s editing

Mechanical Design, Fabrication

Pediatric Head Rest, UVA Neurosurgery (US Patent awarded)

PillMinder, Virginia Ophthalmic Associates

Tracheal Controller, UVA Ophthalmology

Video Tumor Fighter (NIOBE), thermoseed magnetic manipulation concept art

Camera Adapter for Surgical Microscope, Zeiss

Absorbable stapler modified for back surgery, Ethicon, UVA NSgy

Bone contouring forceps, UVA Craniofacial and Neurosurgery

Unique Media and Designs

Digital painting process to extrapolate 3D from 2D picture: 1994, ongoing

Handpainted QTVRs, UVA Neurosurgery

Take-down Recurve Bow, Atl-Atls, Oars and paddles, Shoes, Chairs

Medical Client List

Frank H. Netter, MD, Ciba/GEIGY Corporation; University of Virginia: Departments of: Neurological Surgery, Ophthalmology, ENT/Maxillofacial Surgery/Otology, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Media Relations, Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Community Services, Academic Computing-HSC , Office of the Dean, Pathology ; Journal of Neurosurgery; Neurosurgery FOCUS, Urological Multimedia, Inc.; O2 Communications; Little,Brown Medical Publishers; U.S. Surgical Corporation; Bristol-Myers/Squibb; Bayer; W.B. Saunders; Springer-Verlag; Lippincott-Raven-Williams and Wilkins; Mosby-Year Book; Cardio Concepts, Inc.; Advanced Imaging, Inc.; St. Anthony's Publishing; NYU Institute for Reconstuctive and Plastic Surgery; US Department of the Army; Ethicon, Inc.; Advanced Imaging, Inc.; Bayer; Yale University Press; NBC Television; VA Hospital, Birmingham; University of Alabama-Birmingham; University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine; WB Saunders; Medical Media Productions, Inc.; Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital; Lenox Hill Hospital; Dr. Barry Marshall, Nobel Laureate; Georgia Heart Association; American Heart Association; Pew Charitable Trusts; Virginia Organ Network; Zeiss, USA; Barrow Neurological Institute; New York Eye and Ear Infirmary; Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital; Washington University; Family Medicine, Inc.; Artificial Eye Clinic; Podiatric Surgery of Virginia; Georgetown University School of Medicine; Emory University School of Medicine, U.Pitt

Instructional Presentations

American Intercontinental University: ?The Business of Design,? 2007

Medical College of Georgia, 2009, Visiting Professor: 1999, 1993, 1986-1991,

University of Virginia: Visiting Lecturer, 1996, 1991, 1989, 1987, 1981

Association of Medical Illustrators (Summarized): Salon Juror (x3), ?Illustrating Neurosurgery?, ?Lectures in Anatomy: Anatomy of the Skull?, ?Color Illustration for Print Workshop?, ?Ophthalmic Illustration Workshop?, "The Salon, Revisited?, "Color Techniques", ?Airbrush Workshop,??Frank H. Netter, MD: The Man and his Work, The Brödel Memorial Lecture?

American Medical Writers' Association, "Working with a Medical Illustrator"

Academic Presentations at Other Institutions: "Frank Netter, MD: Man and Mentor" History of Medicine Society, University of North Carolina; Bowman-Gray School of Medicine; Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; University of Alabama-Birmingham School of Medicine; Eye Foundation Hospital; New York University School of Medicine; University of California- San Francisco; Oregon Health Sciences University

Interpersonal Experience

Supervisory (Full Time Equivalents): LuceStudios, Inc. (2.5); Visuals for Medicine (3.5); Medivisuals, Inc. (3)

Volunteer and ProBono: Café 458; Women?s Cancer Advocacy Network; Virginia Organ Network; Habitat for Humanity; Cubmaster, Cub Scouts of America; T-ball and soccer coach; Rowing instructor; Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters: Radio Co-Host; Georgia Heart Association, The Pine Street Foundation, American Red Cross, Virginia Blood Services, Virginia Organ Network

Leadership: American Medical Writers' Association, Professional Liaison to AMI, Association of Medical Illustrators, Liaison to AMWA, Workshop Leader, Exhibition Juror; GATech Track Letterman; HS: Senior Class President, Defensive Captain, AA Football Champions
Continued, overleaf

Skillset Breakdown

Traditional Illustration Media Fluency

Painting: transparent watercolor, gouache, oil, alkyd, acrylic, inks, airbrush

Drawing: graphite, carbon dust, ABDust, ink and brush

Model making: malleable media and polymers, wax, greenstuff; casting in resins

Fine Art Media Fluency

Printmaking: etching and drypoint, stone and plate lithography, serigraphy, engraving, woodcut

Painting: oil, alkyd, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, egg tempera, inks, airbrush

Drawing: graphite, carbon dust, silverpoint, charcoal, conte, pastel, ink, duotone

Sculpture: myriad malleable media modeling, stone carving, woodcarving, molding and casting in wax, MMA, resins, polymer; fabrication in sheet steel, jewelry, holographic models, fiberglas, wood

Photography: PR, portrait and studio, surgical, stereography,

Other: Sign painting and calligraphy, ceramic printing, embroidery design and digitization, glass

Digital Media Fluency

Computer Platforms: Unix, IRIX, WinNT, XP, Apple OSX, iPhone

Partial Listing of Software at fluency: Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, AfterEffects, Premiere, Streamline; Softimage3D, Alias/Wavefront, Metaballs3D, Poser, Painter, PAR, Dynabrush, DPaint, Eddie, Amazon; Quark Xpress, Elastic Reality, Portfolio, Final Cut Express, GoLive, ImageReady, Axel, Blender, Gimp, 3DStudioMAX, Rhino, ZPaint, Quantel Paintbox, AniMorph, QTVR, HTML, MakeHuman, Audacity, SVN, Version, Brackteer, OpenEXR, OsiriX, SketchUp, DAZ, Equinox, Celtx, Compositor, GraphicConverter, InkScape,

Note: many more softwares and development SDKs at occasional-use since 1979

Medical Imaging and Media Fluency

Microscopy and photomicroscopy, Zeiss, Olympus; Stereo biomicroscopy and slit-lamp photography, Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon; Indirect ophthalmoscopy, Zeiss; Surgical/operating microscopy, Zeiss, Olympus; Indirect Fundoscopy and Fluoroscein Angiography: Zeiss, Topcon, Opticon; Videography formats: Hi-8, Beta, DV, digital editing; Hardware: Canon LX1, Nikon, Sony: performed 3D reconstructions in: Siemens, GE

Image fluency: MRI, MRa, fMR, CT, PET, plain radiography, angiography, contrast neurography, ultrasonography, SEM and Transmission EM; Nuclear Medicine; Medical records: Surgical OP Notes, Radiology Reports, Discharge Summaries



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